Date Location City Info
2019-08-18 Viper Room Wien (AT) with Crazy Town, Silencer
2019-06-28 Cselley Mühle Oslip (AT)
2019-03-23 Impulse Neusiedl/See Neusiedl/See (AT) with HotSawce, The Overalls, The Refrigerators



Date Location City Info
2018-09-22 Bergwerk Neusiedl/See (AT) with "NA15"
2018-09-05 REPLUGGED Wien (AT) Support Strains, Time To Face Destiny, A New Chapter
2018-05-05 Kulturkeller Ternitz Ternitz (AT) LOUD Bandcontest - 2. Vorrunde
2018-04-30 Viper Room Wien (AT) Support Hellavista, Void Creation, Fearancy
2018-04-21 Cselley Mühle Oslip (AT) "America Is Waiting" Contest
2018-02-17 Bergwerk Neusiedl/See (AT) Support All Your Sorrows, Defline



Date Location City Info
2017-08-26 Kunstraum Ewigkeitsgasse Wien (AT) Acoustic concert
2017-03-29 dasBACH Wien (AT) Support Dreamshade, with The Royal, Sic Semper Tyrannis
2017-02-03 Bergwerk Neusiedl/See (AT) Support Give 'em Blood, with A Caustic Fate, All Your Sorrows



DateLocation City Info
2016-02-27 Bergwerk Neusiedl/See (AT) Support Defline, All Your Sorrows
2016-02-19 Sub Wiener Neustadt (AT) Support The Overalls, In Chaos, Pann Bay Bastards


Nebulae Album Cover
2016 Nebulae


Somebody Is Watching Me Album Cover
2018 Somebody Is Watching Me



2018-02-28 Bergwerk Neusiedl

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